Learn how to train your animal.

Teach your dog walk well on lead, say hello nicely, go to places when you ask or wait politely until released. This and much more can be learnt by dogs and other animals.

  • The relationships that we have with our animals very strongly revolve around the communication that we have been able to build with them. It is important to not only understand their body language and responses, but also for us to develop an understanding with them about our human language.
  • This is where training works wonders. If you could make your life easier with your pet, what would it involve? Usually getting them to respond to the things that we ask them. Come to me, sit, wait, on your bed, off, give, and a multitude of tricks and husbandry requirements can all make life easier when your animal understands what it means and is motivated to do so.
  • Positive reinforcement based training, which can involve clicker , play/drive, and social training (plus many others) to help build this communication and desire without the need for harsh corrections or the need to constantly yell to get something to happen. It is also quicker and more reliable than coercion based techniques because the animal enjoys doing what we ask rather than being pressured to have to.
  • Individual sessions will teach your animal how to achieve these behaviours and develop your understanding of how this is occurs. You have the option of coming to me or I can travel to you so we can work in the environment we want the learning to take place.
  • Specialised consultations are also available for those trying to resolve difficulties with competition obedience, sports or showing. Feel free to give me a call and we can discuss what you are aiming to achieve.

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