This post was originally going to be about the benefits on being able to relax and how it helps with reducing behaviour problems. It still is, but there is much more connected to this and a recent article prompted a deeper look at it all.

Really interesting, but not surprising. Most of society is in a hyperaroused ANS state and find it difficult to be still. The fact that people would rather shock themselves than be still says it all – we have become so disconnected from ourselves.
There are a lot of health issues connected with this being constantly alert, active, reactive in everything we do and the inability to switch off from it all and be still. It contributes to neuroendochrine imbalances such as adrenal fatigue which leads to sleep problems, digestive issues, mental/emotional issues, chronic pain, inflammation, etc, etc. It’s the same thing we have going on for a lot of dogs. That’s why I love to practice slow mindful movement for myself as well as other meditative type practices, but also doing the same for my dogs (eg TTouch, cognitive skills and just going places and hanging out without having to “do”). A craniosacral treatment is the ultimate in helping the body relearn how to be still (and happy about it). I’m so thankful I came across the modality and decided to learn it.