Behaviour consultation to solve your animal problems

Have you found yourself struggling to resolve unwanted behaviours from your furred, feathered or scaled friend?

  • Do you avoid doing things because it is too difficult? If you’ve tried all the other training options out there (or this is your first port of call) without success, give me a call for a free chat to discuss what can be done.

  • I specialise in recognising and dealing with stress and trauma in animals. Many behaviour problems have their origins in stress and can result in changes including obsessive-compulsive, hyperactivity, destructiveness, anxiety, aggression and difficulty focusing/learning in many different animals.

  • Individualised consultation will help you understand why your animal behaves the way it does and how you can help it change. Many animals are catered for including dogs, cats, birds, rodents and more. Treatment plans can involve a variety of methods, techniques and philosophies, but they are all centered around building a sense of safety, trust and motivation to want to behave the way we want.

  • Other methods that involve force or intimidation have many problems associated with them. Firstly they make assumptions that behaviours are about dominance, being naughty or bad and that we need to be ‘top dog’. Current science has changed its views on this previously believed premise, particularly from David Mech, a wolf researcher that originally wrote papers regarding this. Secondly we know through studies that compulsion based training is not only less effective in achieving the desired behaviours, but it has many side effects, the main being suppression of the behaviour and the creation of alternative ones that can often be worse. Most problem behaviours revolve around an element of stress and signs that the animal is not coping in those situations.

  • I utilise some of the most current ideas that have been confirmed through our scientific understanding and some of the most recent developments in neurobiology. Stress and trauma resolution in humans is now utilising not only resource building processes through dialogue and activities, but also increasingly and importantly somatic (body) awareness and involvement. Using skills from Tellington TTouch, Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, interpersonal neurobiology and relational dynamics, an animal is given the chance calm in its nervous system, process trauma held in the body and begin to engage others in a socially healthy way. Using positive reinforcement based training is then a way to encourage these healthy behaviours to become new habits but also continue to improve the relationship with others.

  • Consultations usually involve travelling to your home to take an in depth assessment of what is happening, providing you with an understanding of this, a plan for how to achieve your goals and practicing the techniques to show you how change can occur. Generally this will take a few of hours depending on the complexity of the case and past experience for yourself and your animal. Follow up sessions may also be recommended to continue the improvements and experiences that help you and your animal learn more. You will also be provided with ongoing telephone and email support throughout the process of you creating change. To find out further details please give me a call to discuss your situation.

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