Will your animals cope with the heat

Heat wave

We are about to have the start of a heat wave here in Melbourne with 4 consecutive days of 40+ degrees C. The safety of animals in our care needs some attention as we often forget that they don’t have the option of just leaving the area they are enclosed in (house, backyard, pen, paddock,…

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Listening to what animals are telling us

Article on the importance of understanding animal communication through body language, behaviours and their health and wellbeing. The more we can listen to the whispers, the more we avoid them becoming big issues.

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Can you teach an old dog new tricks


This blog will have an article about helping your animal learn more effectively and why some animals seem to struggle.

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Should we focus on health or disease


An article about the importance of focusing on healthy possibilities to reduce/remove/prevent disease rather than just rely on medication. There are many things you can help your pet with.

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This post was originally going to be about the benefits on being able to relax and how it helps with reducing behaviour problems. It still is, but there is much more connected to this and a recent article prompted a deeper look at it all. http://news.sciencemag.org/brain-behavior/2014/07/people-would-rather-be-electrically-shocked-left-alone-their-thoughts http://news.sciencemag.org/brain-behavior/2014/07/people-would-rather-be-electrically-shocked-left-alone-their-thoughts Really interesting, but not surprising. Most of society…

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Improving movement


This Blog will soon have an article on movement and ways to improve it.

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