A little bit about me.

The video to the side will introduce you to my background, passions, philosophy of working with animals and my animal family at home. Below is a bit more and some of my achievements over the years.

I have been working professionally with animals for about 10 years. The majority of this has been with dogs, but I have also worked with birds, cats, horses, rabbits, reptiles and various Australian wildlife (eg Joeys, Koalas, etc).

This passion all started towards a career when I began my Science degree where I focused on the Botanical and Zoological fields. I continued into an Honours year studying learning and behaviour in lizards. Outside of the University path I completed a dog trainers certification (Gentle Modern Dog Trainers Australia) and this was the explosion into so many other ways of working with and helping companion animals.

Since then I studied small animal massage and bowen therapy and then traveled over to the USA spending several months attending conferences, trainings and spending time with some of the masters in the dog training and behaviour world. Returning from there I delved into several human therapies in which the aim has been to adapt to work with animals. The most useful has been a two year diploma Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST), so much so that I am also treating humans with this amazing modality. What has really brought all this work together into a process of working with health, physical and emotional/behavioural problems has been the discovery of Tellington TTouch, which along with the BCST has become a real passion because I see so much significant change. I am a TTouch Practitioner for companion animals and continue to be involved in helping run workshops to teach this work.

At home I always connected to animals whether it be the reptiles, chickens, dogs or more recent rescued parrot. They have been just as much wonderful teachers compared to everything I have studied and compel me to improve the way humans and animals live together.

Meet the Family

I love water, food and tennis balls (which is best, I can't decide). I have learnt so many things with my family over the years (really they have learnt a lot from me), but the recent addition of my sister Wynnie has given me extra zest for life.


Although I'm very quiet most of the time, I'm slowly coming out of my shell and showing what a clown I can be. My favourite thing is a head scratch but I'm gradually learning to tear things apart (that's what we do apparently!!!).


I have so much energy and love to run, tug, wrestle and just go crazy. Life is there to have fun, so why hold back.


Qualifications & acheivements

  • Seminars & Further Development

    ADPT Australia Conference, 2007, 2014, 2015

    Helping the dog with fears, anxieties and phobias (Dr G. Carter, D. Calnon, T. Hunter, K. MacMillan), 2014

    Step up – Parrots and People Learning Together (Melb), B. Heidenreich (Texas, USA) and P. Clark (Oregon, USA), 2013

    Equine integrative medicine based assessment &
    rehabilitation strategies course (Melb) – Dr Kerry Ridgeway & Manolo Mendez, 2013

    Dog Behaviour & Training Seminars, Dr Ian Dunbar, 2009, 2012

    ADPT USA Conference, 2006

    Symposium on Rehabilitation & Physical Therapy
    in Veterinary Medicine (Netherlands), 2006

    Canine behaviour and training workshop (USA), Suzanne Clothier, 2006

    International trainer, Search & Rescue, therapies (UK), Tom Middlemas, 2006

    Spent several months engaging with and learning from international experts and shelter organisations within the USA, 2006:

    Puppy classes and training development – Ian Dunbar (California)
    San Francisco SPCA – Jean Donaldson
    San Francisco Department of Animal Care and Control – Donna Duford

  • Media exposure

    Rescue Fundraising Seminar – TTouch, Stress and ways to help with success (2015)

    Pets Practice (2014 Channel 31) – Body wraps (TTouch) for helping dogs and other animals

    Pets Practice (2014 Channel 31) – Safety for Kids and Dogs

    Secret River (2014 Tele-movie ABC) – Wynnie (trainer and talent)

    Pets Practice (2014 Channel 31) – Helping cats with Tellington TTouch in Shelters

    3WBC 94.1FM (2008-2010) – Healthy Alternatives for Pets

    Exhibited and demonstrated at multiple dog/animal community expos, successfully engaging with the public and building an understanding of positive ways to interact with animals (Knox, Eltham, Lilydale, Flemington, etc)